Welcome to my website!


Hi, i am Driftrinar. I like computer stuff like operating systems, computer hardware and more.

Thanks to the amazing people in the /r/iPod discord community for inspiring me into making this horrible website.


Where you can find me:

Discord: Driftrinar#2127

Twitter: @driftrinar

Steam: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198865110918

Github (to be updated with more stuff): github.com/Driftrinar

Session ID: 052b5881a82cd197d4e137190f400579442074c1563ca679c3c0ed84836b9d8100


Thank You for letting me waste your time! And go join the /r/iPod guild at: https://discord.com/invite/ipod

Thank you to: UltraBear and Nakog for helping me!

devices and computers
other stuff i made